Who we are?

We are a reputable farm that produce quality produce through careful selection of hybrid varieties and top-notch maintenance practices.

We are farmers, just like every other farmer you know. The big difference is why we farm. While others may farm to provide products for consumption or industrial use only, we farm to provide you with the best quality produce through careful selection of hybrid varieties and top-notch maintenance practices, as well as documented field and product information available. We then use that information to provide you with what we believe to be the best Agri-practices available anywhere in the country.

What we do

We infuse new technology and professionalism into the production of the best quality Oil palm, Kola, Irvingia gabonensis and Irvingia wombolu (ogbono) as well as cassava, fluted pumpkin vegetable (Ugu), maize and plantain.

We provide consultancy services. With the use of year of experience, professionalism and well structure research and information gathering, we provide our clients with the best production, maintenance and marketing information in other to help them establish high yielding and profit maximizing crops with great quality that can match any international standards.

Our firm renders general farm management. Management practices on the farm, which include farm planning, resource management, farm labour recruitment. And we do farm maintenance as well for farmers, which is a routine operation such as weeding, fertilizer application, pruning and so on.

However, we intend to added more services to the one we render at the moment. And we assure you of our prompt delivery of service.

We are aggregators. We select and purchase high quality farm produce from associate farms in large quantities. We are usually involved in the production process to ensure the production of good quality produce with this, we help to improve our clients production practices as well as maximize their output.

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